Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Helpful Hint for the Day

Should you happen to live in a household where it is a struggle to use writing utensils only on paper (as detailed here), do not decide now is a good time to invest in other art mediums. Such as, oh, oil pastels for example . . . Think of oil pastels as really intense and bright crayons that go on like butter. "Look! It's red like James!" proclaims an elated Jackson. Yep, it sure is.

My SECOND HELPFUL HINT FOR THE DAY: "magic erasers" are the most amazing things created and will remove even intensely red oil pastels from your walls--crayon, pencil, and marker too! They do however struggle with pen and red ink stamp pads (at least on eggshell paints). Ask me how I know all this . . .


Kathy said...

Jackson strikes again....... :)

Yee-haw for magic erasers!! I love mine too. I think they should be a staple gift at baby showers!!!!

Anna said...

Oh my goodness! I should have read this before our own magic eraser session today! :) Although I think your stain is a little worse than mine...hope it all came off okay. Love Kathy's idea for baby shower gifts.

..and I hope Jackson's ear is healing! Sounds like quite the excitement around your place lately. :) hang in there!