Thursday, February 5, 2009

Death to Balloons

Oh. My. Goodness. I just spent about 50 minutes at Wal-Mart, the last 20 of which found Emmett in full tantrum mode. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to use balloons to decorate racks or advertise sales obviously never had a child. Particularly never had a child with an obsession for balloons that borders on pathological. (The last time we brought balloons home from a restaurant Josh and I found ourselves discreetly murdering them--the balloons that is, not the children--the colorful, buoyant creatures were holding us hostage.) And so I found myself today with a nearly full cart and four children, one screaming and arching and refusing to be cajoled. What do you do? I attempted to show him the balloons were tied to the racks. That did not help. I contemplated abandoning the cart and running for the doors. But I was really hungry--I had already spent the last few days being incredibly creative with what was left in the cupboard. ("Sorry guys, here's some dry cheerios for breakfast . . . ") So I stuck it out. Marissa commandeered the cart while I carried the resistant child. We made it through check-out, his screams diminishing to a whimpering "Boon, peeeese, boon . . ." on repeat. We emerged from the store, the crying resumed, but it was OVER. I ran into a lady from church entering as I left. I must have looked murderous. "You survived!" she said with a huge smile. Ha! I buckle Emmett into his carseat--he's asleep in two minutes. Carrying on that long must be utterly exhausting. POOR GUY! (Yes, um, that would be some sarcasm leaking into my tone . . .) So, all that to say, balloons are not my friends and I will think twice before attempting another grocery excursion with four children--even if all I have in the cupboards is a can of kidney beans and some ramen noodles.

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Anna said...

SO HILARIOUS Janna! I'm still laughing. :) I too get incredibly irked at balloons and other irresistable toddler objects purposefully planted in stores to torture us moms. What are they thinking? You poor thing...we've displayed our own public tantrum sessions too...glad you survived it! :)