Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Day's End

With March approaching I have been on a mission to remove the remaining winter decor' that is still lingering from Christmas decorating. Now, these are not Christmas decorations, mind you, I did get THOSE down in a timely fashion. My main overhaul is above the kitchen cabinets which I like to change each season. This is what I have so far: It's still looking a bit sparse to me, but then I was thinking, that is spring, sparse--with bits of vivid color here and there. Maybe I'll leave it as is, or I might try to work in some more terra cotta pots (which I have on the other side of cabinets) or something like that. Hmmmm. I'm trying to come up with a few little projects to work on. I love browsing through sites like ebay and etsy for all the crafty things others are selling and using those ideas as a leaping off point. So far I'm drawing a blank . . .

Among others news we had a field trip today to Cam.pbell's Nur.series. It was great to see green and growing LIFE existing and promising that winter won't last forever. ;o) I only managed to lose Jackson once, so overall we will count the field trip a success. Tomorrow's another busy day, I have Jackson's ear recheck late morning and then set-up/Girls of Grace banquet/clean-up taking up pretty much the whole evening. However, I do have a head start on the day . . . carmel pecan cinnamon rolls are rising in the fridge overnight for some fresh-baked tastiness in the morning. Although, I am tempted to bake them tonight so I can have a yummy bedtime snack.

Well, that about sums it up. I will leave you with this delightful little snapshot of the events of our evening:


Tiffany said...

What do you think about a few birdhouses? I've seen some really great ones, and when I think of spring, I think of birds!

Kathy said...

Oh, Jackson! LOL!!!!! I just found a cute little spring crafty idea on ebay that I started last night (I do the same thing....browse there for ideas) :) If it turns out I will post a pic.

Anna said...

LOL--your little boy makes a lovely princess! :) And your cabinet decor is gorgeous! I too am anxiously awaiting Spring--the field trip to the nursery is a GREAT idea!