Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is the night that would not end . . .

"The mother's agree that indeed the years do fly. It's the days that don't. The hours, minutes of a single day sometimes just stop. And a mother finds herself standing in the middle of a room wondering. Wondering. Years fly. Of course they do. But a mother can gag on a day." ~Jain Sherrard

Oh, what a long evening it has been. Josh is working tonight, which happens often, so it is not like I am unaccustomed to being home alone with the kiddos in the evening. For some reason beyond me Jackson became "Turbo Jackson." He's a handful on an every day basis, but every now and then he "turns it up a notch." And *yay* that was tonight. He got so very loud and "hoppy" (when he is happy or has a great idea he literally jumps around BOING!BOING!BOING!BOING!). Nearly everything he played with was thrown--down the stairs, at people, off the bunk bed, etc. *sigh* For two hours I corrected and admonished, but I was wearing down much faster than he.

So, I called a 7:30 bedtime. One of the joys of being mom--I can do that. ;o) I don't know if anyone is actually asleep yet. Isabella may be--we had to make a doctor run this morning for ear infection #2/sinus infection. But at least we're moving toward "resting bliss."

Sometimes being a mom is quite wearisome. Nothing quite prepares you for the selflessness involved. Nothing quite prepares you for how messy it is. You enter into motherhood brimming with wonderful ideas, a collection of things you plan to teach your children, dreaming about the ways God will use you to shape their hearts and lives. At some point you are blindsided by the fact God is using them to change you. Many, many times you are humbled by what a massive job it is.

We will keep plugging away with our Jackson boy. I am soooooooo curious as to the kind of older boy he will be, what kind of young adult? People continue to tell me that those crazy, impossible ones turn into really neat older people. Let's hope so. ;o) But for now, I must stay faithful in the "now." And perhaps sip some chai and take a bubble bath . . .


Tiffany said...

Oh dear...Luke is one of those "strong-willed" children too. What can a mother do? I have prayed and wrestled with him. He is, usually, quite a sweet boy, but then his boyness comes out. It's exhausting. I too often wonder what kind of person he will turn out to be and pray, pray, pray that he will not be the boy in kindergarten that sits in the corner!

Briana said...

Hi Janna!
I really love what you wrote,”Sometimes being a mom is... wearisome...all the selflessness involved...the messes. At some point you are blindsided by the fact God is using them to change you. Many, many times you are humbled..." Oh man, my sentiments exactly. Sometimes I feel like I'm failing left and right. (Tony is a challenging 2 year old). Jeff (my husband) tells me that God gave us kids so that He could humble their parents. I realize that periodically God puts us through painful "growing" phases, but the character we build as a result is well worth it. I would say that my kids are teaching me to talk less. Or at least take time to make my words more thoughtful. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!