Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Round Three

So, just over four weeks ago I took Emmett to the doctor, diagnosis: ear infection, treatment: amoxicillan. Two weeks later we are back at the doctor, diagnosis: ear infection, treatment: suprex. This past Sunday, I notice his face getting this weird blotchiness to it. On Monday, his eyes begin to goop up, and after his nap his right eye is all swollen and only opening half way. So back to the doctor we go today, diagnosis: ear infection, pink eye, a yeast-inspired diaper rash, and some eczema. Treatment: augmentin, eye drops three times a day, antifungal cream, and some hydrocortizone cream. He is really liking those eye drops . . .

This would be it. If we can't kick this ear infection it will be tube time. We were almost at this point last winter, but then HOORAY! spring arrived and we were healthy up until the cold weather hit again. Unfortunately for him, spring is still in the distant future. I will be stuffing him with yogurt from here on out. Poor guy. Anyone know of some other foods rich in probiotics? He's had "skin issues" since infancy. He just always seems more susceptible to rashes, etc. In spite of everything, I really can't complain about how he has handled it. Maybe he has just grown accustomed to a constant ear infection. :o( So we will be praying that this time, the antibiotics work.

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Mary said...

you can give him probiotic powder mixed in with applesauce or other yummy wet foods that he won't notice it on, just make sure you don't give it at the same time as the antibiotics :)