Friday, January 9, 2009


My household is still strangely sleeping. These mornings are rare. I set my alarm for 5:00 this morning, "just because." I wanted to take advantage of some extra moments of quiet and dark. I admit, I didn't heed the alarm's beckoning call. In spite of my laziness, I still am enjoing the quiet and dark I was craving. This happens in the evenings too, after the kids have fallen asleep. But for me, there is nothing like being the first one up in the morning, getting a head start on the day. I find it strangely refreshing. Of course, I would describe myself as more of a morning person, although since having children I have struggled with the "popping" out of bed I used to be able to do. But being alone in the morning as the horizon begins to flood with color just fills me with joy and thankfulness for a new day.

I've got a monkey bread baking up in the oven. I made one for my sister earlier this week and have been craving some ever since. ;o) I try to plan a special breakfast for Friday to celebrate the end of a week, the beginning of a weekend--sometimes monkey bread set to rise in the fridge overnight, or cinnamon rolls. Sometimes, when I am feeling really ambitious I set out the night before to fry homemade donuts. I pick one of these and then serve with orange julius. Yummy! ;o)

Other plans for the day would include cleaning, laundry, and hopefully a trip to the library. I have a whole bunch of "holds" to pick up which include several "teach a kid to knit books." Yep, I'm hoping to take up knitting. I figure if these books can teach a child, surely they can teach me. Marissa is going to attempt knitting also. I'm looking forward to trying something new and a bit beyond my element.

Well, the household is stirring now, my monkey bread is nearly done, and my time is up. ;o) Have a wonderful Friday!

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Tiffany said...

You inspire me, Janna! Maybe you should think about writing a book!