Monday, January 12, 2009


The preschool years are said to be the years of "why" questions. Marissa never really seemed to go through this phase. Isabella, on the other hand, has become the queen of questions, some of which include:

"How do they make tortilla chips?"

"How do they make Barbie hair?"

"How do we make cheese?"

"How do we get fabric?"

"How are crayons made?"

I am always baffled by the things she is wondering about. I do my best to come up with an explanation, but sometimes (as in the case of the Barbie hair) I have no idea. Nor have I really thought about it much. Yesterday I got asked the question every parent dread, the "grand-daddy" of them all . . .

"Mommy, how do babies get in your tummy?"

And for a second you freeze and time stands still. "Ummmmmm," you blush and stammer. And you think fast.

My answer: "Well, God takes a tiny little piece from a daddy and a tiny little piece from a mommy and makes a tiny little baby and puts it in your tummy."

My five-year old was happy with that answer. But then Marissa chimes in "A tiny little piece?" she questions. My answer was a bit too vague for her.

"Cells!!" I announce triumphant, "God takes a few little cells from the parents and they get stuck together to make more cells that make a baby."

"Ohhhhh cells!" Marissa affirms. We had just got done learning about cells last week in science.
*relieved sigh from Mommy* Crisis averted.


Kathy said...

tee, hee, hee. Toooo cute!

Mike and Kirsten said...

I would have froze solid and responded, "Go ask your dad." HA!