Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pom-Poms and Other Such Nonsense

I have a great story to share--another Jackson story. Josh commented on how often I blog about him, but I just can't help it. He gives me such fabulous material to work with. This story would involve supper tonight. We were having baby carrots and I was hoping to dip mine in some ranch dressing. As I stand at the counter attempting to squeeze some ranch onto my plate, I find nothing is happening. I squeeze harder (yes, I am sure we all recognize where this is going) and still nothing. So, I squeeze REALLY hard. Of course, the little plastic cap with the hole blows off and ranch goes EVERYWHERE. Thankfully there wasn't that much left in the bottle. However, it still managed to get the whole bottom half of my sweater, the counter, the cabinets, not-to-mention a huge puddle on my plate. I mop off my sweater, and share my ranch dressing bounty with Jackson and Emmett (the girls are strangely not ranch fans). We finish our supper and I go to clean up. As I am wiping ranch off the floor I discover strange round things in the ranch. Peas? Maybe somebody decided to put peas in the ranch dressing bottle? But no, they were small,white POM-POMS. And sure enough on Jackson's plate : That would explain the clogged bottle, don't ya think? I finish cleaning up the mess and head upstairs to find this:
This is "moon sand" usually stored on the high shelf in the closet and brought down at special supervised occasions. Apparently Jackson climbed the closet. And then I turn around and find this:
Even Emmett is getting in on it. That would be milk, shaken out of the sippy cup, causing lovely puddles on the bookshelf. Just perfect for the trains to drive through (inclement weather perhaps?). Jackson also enjoyed doing this (scratch that, enjoys, as in has not grown out of this phase). Why must boys dump liquids, powders, SUBSTANCES out for the vehicles to drive through? What is wrong with the plastic track? Must everything off-road it? Now, I admit this is just a tiny little mess, nothing like ranch dressing sprayed everywhere or moon sand in the carpet. But I do believe this is a sign of what is to come. These little boys are plotting against me.


Kathy said...

Did he put the pom-poms in the bottle or after the dressing was on the plate? LOL And I have to add.....curse be to that moon sand!!! See my Sept 6, 2008 post for my feelings about this stuff. ;)

Janna said...

He had added them to the bottle at some unknown (I suppose I might add unsupervised) point. I didn't notice any on my plate while eating, but when I cleared his away, there they were in his serving. I read your post on moon sand. It's kind of a rare occasion thing here too. It did vacuum up quite well. ;o)

Brooke said...

Boys boys! They're just a handful! I actually was admiring your books in the puddle picture. I like your taste! (and I know what every single book is just by the colors on the bindings. Sad, isn't it? ;-) Love the blog! (ours is if you ever have extra computer time)