Thursday, January 15, 2009

Learning to Knit

One of my goals this year is to learn to knit. I decided to go the route of children's knitting books. One book said it was for ages six and up. I figured if a six-year old could learn than surely I could! The three books I checked out from the library were:

I like all of them--the one that officially got me going was "Kids can Knit." I have now accomplished the "knit" stitch and the "purl" stitch, and can knit various square and rectangle shapes. ;o) I have a LONG way to go! And did you know Lincoln has a specialty yarn shop now? It is located at Sutter Place Mall, down the hall from my favorite fabric store The Calico House and across from A Page in Time (scrapbooking). I think I could just hang out in one building all day long. It just needs a book store, and then I think I would move in. ;o) But back to THE YARN SHOP (that is, I believe the name), they have some of the softest yarns I have ever felt, like one combination of cotton and soy. Strange sounding, but oh to have a blanket made from it! It was around $7 for a measly 6 ounces, so I need to get a whole lot better before I make that kind of investment. ;o) Marissa wants to give knitting a try too--I'll keep you updated if we make any progress in that area! It is a great portable craft to keep my hands busy--you know those times you are craving something to do but don't want to get out a big ol' mess of stuff? Knitting is perfect. I will see where this venture takes me . . .

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Brooke said...

The Calico House! Did you know I worked there? My first job, and yes, it is fabulous. Janeese is very good at choosing fabric. I always spend way too much whenever I'm in there!