Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jackson's Quirks

Jackson is a different sort. He's the child that leaves Josh and I scratching our heads more often than not. He's the very loud one, the very intense one, the very strong-willed one. He's the one who makes me wonder if I know anything about being a mom. He is just THAT different from my girls. Jackson was a very sweet and easy-going baby. He is now very routine-oriented and unable to be swayed from whatever notion he has cooking in that head of his. However, he is also quite amusing. A few things that have made me giggle this week:

~The fleece blanket obsession. Remember the fleece tractor blanket I made him for Christmas? Well, he was really excited, but it has not replaced the other one. When it's time for bed (or nap) he wants the tractor blanket spread over his bed, Marissa's old Care Bears fleece spread horizontally over his pillow, and then he still carefully covers himself up with smallest Cardinals fleece blanket. If the blanket covering his pillow shifts it totally sets him off. He will cry until it is fixed because he can't stand to have his pillow showing.

~"I drive Uncle Lou Lou's tractor," Jackson tells me while we look through his tractor book, "I want a HAAAAYbailer!" He just loves all farm machinery. We have many conversations about the things my dad and brother have and everything Jackson plans on taking out for a spin.

~At mealtime Jackson and I sit next to each other on one side of the table. Lately he has been pushing his chair right up next to mine and and sitting as close to me as physically possible while gazing at me with this goofy smile. He must like me. ;o)

~Shutting the door to his room so he can fill up his tractor's wagon with shower gel in private (done that twice now)

~Always choosing nice button-down shirts or sweaters--church clothes--to wear. He's very opinionated about his clothing. He wants the new jeans, not the ones with a hole. He doesn't want his hood on, he wants the Bob the Builder yellow construction hat. He wants to put his shoes on himself. And my-oh-my NO TAGS. He despises tags in his shirts. I am slowly having to cut out each and every one. He goes nuts if he feels a tag.

~The pictures he colors--usually he picks one color and then he intensely colors the picture in using just that one shade, very forceful and dark.

Those would be my current Jackson giggles. He's going to be a lefty like his mommy--perhaps that is why he is so strange. ;o) At least he keeps our lives interesting!

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Kathy said...

"...many conversations about the things Jackson plans on taking out for a spin" Let's hope you don't end up with some great post over an incident when he puts a conversation into action! {Grin}

Love that you are documenting these things about Jackson. All the unique things that make him esepcially him and make for wonderful memories....although, admittedly a bit tough in the 'heat of the moment.' Hang in there, Mom!!!