Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jackson the Decorator

My mom gave Jackson an old calendar full of farm machinery in action. Farm machinery is probably Jackson's #1 love. He was more than thrilled with his new "tractor book." I told him we could hang up the pictures in his room. I was envisioning matting them on cardstock and laminating them. A project for me to work on--sometime in the next month. As soon as we got home he raced up to his room, and somehow managed to grab a tack. He was quite frustrated that he couldn't get it pushed into the wall. I tried to explain to him that Mommy would fix it for him later. Later I hear a "Mommy, come look!" and head downstairs to check it out. Jackson realized hanging it on my bulletin board would be much easier, and very proudly showed off his handiwork. Often throughout the day I find him standing in front of it, expressing his admiration for one beautiful combine. We also have a calendar from Uncle Joel who works at Un.ion Pac.ific--full of lovely train pictures (his 2nd love). I now have some simple (and very cheap!) ways to decorate his room--sure to satisfy one special little boy. ;o)


Anna said...

This is so cute! What a manly little guy...and love the girls' dentist impersonation!

Mom said...

So glad he likes the tractor pictures. Papa Roy hopes he'll switch from loving the green kind to orange! Is he wearing the cap?