Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Few Sites to Share

I stumbled across this site through a Montessori blog I like to check out. I am fascinated by the idea of lapbooks, although we have never done one. (A lapbook for anyone wondering is kind of like a scrapbook of everything you are learning about a particular subject, full of pockets, mini-books, etc. to make it interactive). I have been too chicken to try one because it would mean a bit more work for me. ;o) But I wanted to share this site, because even if you weren't planning on doing a whole lapbook with your kid, you could print out bits and pieces for some good educational fun. ;o) This site is free, but does require that you register. Another great lapbooking site (or just a place with great educational ideas) is I'm hoping to do a few more things with Jackson--like hopefully get an ABC notebook up and going for him. Daily I find that I am so thankful for the internet and the vast amount of free and wonderful educational ideas that are available at my fingertips. Check them out! ;o)


Anna said...

What a cool idea, this would be great to try! You'll have to share pictures if you do one.

Kathy said...

Thanks....I'm going to bookmark these and check them out later. We did 1 lapbook last year on sled dogs. Luke really enjoyed it. I bet your crafty little girls would love it!! It was a bit of 'extra' work but I counted it toward lots of different subjects so it felt like we were accomplishing a lot!!! I'm all for killing (or at least injuring) multiple birds with one stone!!! :)