Friday, December 19, 2008

Today Jackson . . .

~Was the first one up at 6:40
~Was in dire need of breakfast-pronto!
~And some orange juice
~Insisted upon cracking the eggs while I made pancakes
~Ate his pancakes peacefully
~Dumped a mixture of a full bottle of onion powder and what remained of the chocolate sprinkles (see post below) on the kitchen floor
~Drove trains through aforementioned substance while I showered in blissful ignorance
~Dumped a container full of nail/staple/metal pointy object miscellany on the carpet
~Used jumbo wooden puzzle pieces as cymbals
~Encouraged Emmett to join in
~Got himself a mid-morning snack of baby carrots and ranch dressing
~Dumped milk on the floor while trying to get himself a drink
~Followed me around sobbing for reasons I can no longer recall
~"Cheers-ed" his milk with Marissa's at lunch--too hard--milk everywhere
~Used a screw driver to pop berries off the garland on the Christmas tree
~Got the baby bathtub out of storage and wedged himself inside with his blanket because he was tired
~Ran around in circles with his siblings while they ALL screamed in delight
~Was fallen on by Marissa who had climbed the door frame (and subsequently lost grip)
~Claims Marissa broke his leg
~Accomplished all of this before 11:30 a.m.

So, anyone up for a playdate? At your house? ;o) Josh is done with work at 2:30 today. I may plead for the rest of the day off . . .


Mike and Kirsten said...

Seriously?! That is quite a morning! The majority of adults cannot accomplish that much before 11:30am.
If my vote counts, I vote you get the afternoon off when Josh gets're deserve a chai and Barnes & Noble!

Kathy said...

Make it a double chai!! Is there such a thing?? lol

I just shook my head the whole time I was reading this post! Bless your heart, Jackson's mommy!!!! It's of little comfort now, but someday you will have great stories to tell at his wedding rehearsal dinner. ;) And P.S. I thought my boys were the only ones to climb door frames!!?? Your sweet Marissa does it too???!!!