Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Night Off

Guess what I did tonight? After hustling through supper, baths, and violin practice with Marissa (all done by 6:30!) I LEFT!!! Josh took over the parenting duties and I made my way to Barnes & Noble where a chai awaited me as well as a stack of sewing/crafting magazines and a few crafting books--which I perused at my leisure whilst sipping my chai. What fun! I now have found a book I must add to my craft book library:

Earlier this spring I bought the author's first book entitled Sew Pretty Homestyle. And although I have yet to make anything I was very inspired--and the same goes for this Christmas version. Many of the projects would work year-round too, not just for Christmas time. So, I have something going on my Christmas wish list. HINT, HINT! I am particularly loving the pattern for an adorably simple teddy bear--I think it would make a perfect new baby gift along with a handmade blankie.

After my stint at Barnes & Noble I headed over to Michael's for some crafty supplies, mainly for the girls. We'll be painting up some gingerbread men and twisting some candy canes out of chenille stems (pipe cleaners is what we used to call them) at some point this month. Overall, a very wonderful and quiet evening. I'm so thankful that Josh makes this happen for me every so often (and does so without any begrudging-ness).

But back to real life . . . there's a LOT of laundry awaiting my attention. :o)

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Kathy said...

Greetings! Just found ya through a comment you left on Anna's blog! I MUST come back and visit again and catch up on all your wonderful entries. I loved the few I read! Can't wait to see more.......