Sunday, December 28, 2008

How We Celebrated

Christmas morning started out with a birthday party for Jesus. I think we began this tradition the Christmas Marissa was 2 years old and able to comprehend a bit about what was going on around her. We had a special breakfast together--"Breakfast Casserole," which is a tasty egg and hash brown dish with cheese and lil' smokies, "Cranberry Slush Punch," and a birthday cake for Jesus, "Peppermint Cake with White Chocolate Frosting." We sung "Happy Birthday" and blew out some candles. What better occasion to have cake for breakfast, right? ;o) And everything was made a day or two ahead of time so that Mommy could enjoy the morning also. Nobody enjoys a Christmas martyr. ;o)We then opened our presents. We had already opened presents with my parents and Josh's parents. It's nice having things spaced a bit. It gives the kids a chance to enjoy each item individually, rather than loose something in the shuffle. I'm always on the lookout for "good" toys. I love classic items, especially wooden toys. Unfortunately, those can be kind of pricey too. One of my favorite catalogues right now is I could seriously buy up their whole store. In the end we had a mixture--items that will be used over and over, and a few that will probably be broken by the end of the week. ;o) The first present that is opened each year is our annual "Christmas Book." Each year (beginning the year Josh and I were engaged!) I have purchased a new children's picture book that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas. It has been fun to watch our collection grow over the years--we're at ten books now! These books are packed away at the end of December, and then brought out again when we decorate next year. It has become a special tradition for our family.

A few of the things the kids received:
Here is Emmett and his new cell. He still prefers ours, but this has been a good diversion.

Isabella and her doll (whom she named Rianna). I've loved the "American Girl" dolls since I was a girl. This is Tar.get's version. It's probably not as well made, but on sale for $20 or mail order for $110--what are you going to pick? ;o) She is thrilled. She also got a horse from G&G Cooley for the doll to ride. And I have my work cut out for me in doll clothes making--which should prove to be a fun venture. Marissa is now thinking perhaps she needs one too. ;o)
This is an art caddy Marissa received from us, along with crayon, oil pastels, markers, etc. We can never have enough things to draw with. She is excited to have the crayons sorted by color group making it easier to pick *just* the right shade.
"Connectagons"--Jackson received from my parents. Jackson has enjoyed making "spider webs" and "monsters." They have been fun for the whole family (even Emmett, although he mainly likes to throw them).

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. The girls and I went to visit my sister Lynsi and brand-new baby Drew at the hospital. We then had a delicious meal at Josh's parents' home. As the afternoon wore on, we wore out. ;o) After a light supper, the kids were in bed at --seven o'clock--and we didn't hear a peep! I attempted to clean up a bit, and we then had a quiet evening to ourselves as CHRISTMAS '08 came to a close.

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