Monday, December 22, 2008

Glad Tidings of . . .

As the days of December have briskly marched on, I've been busy trying to finish a myriad of projects--my favorite being the above wooden sign. I have a Christmas cookbook entitled "Comfort & Joy" and I decided I would like a sign proclaiming those sentiments for the season. It's not perfect--I'm not the steadiest of painters when it comes to painting those letters--but I'm pleased with the results.
Next in the line-up, Jackson's new tractor blanket. When he was born a dear friend made him a fleece St. Louis Cardinals blanket (much to Josh's delight!) and he has slept with it ever since. The blanket has held up pretty well, but it is getting kind of small for my growing boy. He loves to feel the fringe while he sleeps. We'll see if he accepts the new one. ;o)
These are some felt cookies I made for my first grade group of "Girls of Grace" at church. I slid a sliver hook through the stitching so they could be Christmas ornaments--or the hook can be removed and the cookie used as a refreshment at the next (pretend!) tea party. They were a lot of fun to make. I am discovering there is a whole world of felt food out there--donuts, cake slices--I can't wait to try something else. This stocking is another Aun.t Pat.ty's Attic "knock-off." I needed something to hang on this shelf for Christmas, and this was perfect (and also pretty simple to copy). ;o)
And last but not least, a joint venture between Josh and I--a new bookshelf. I wanted something for our dining room/schooling area, a place for a seasonal display of books, crafts, nature, etc. So, I drew up my idea for Josh, and he built this for my Christmas present. Admittedly, I am not the master furniture designer, nor is he the master furniture builder . . . There may be a few extra holes that needed filling, and sanding . . . ;o) It isn't quite finished yet. I am planning on painting it a dark sage/olive shade of green to match the shelf that hangs above it on the wall. I am really excited to have this display area. I see the kids going for books more now that they can see the covers (instead of digging through my crate). And it satisfies the inner librarian I think I have lurking inside of me . . . ;o)
I still have a few small projects in the works, a dolly dress for Isabella and ornaments for all the kids. My project list is always way too long this time of year--there are just so many wonderful ideas out there. And of course, so little time. ;o)


Kathy said...

This was so fun to see your handiwork! YOU have been busy, girl!!! Love that sign (and the primitive mat underneath) and your Aunt Patty knockoff is fabulous!!!! That's my fave store and I love to go in and get ideas of what I can do myself. Now if only I could figure out how to make one of their couches and/or old cupboards. :) That bookshelf is so neat....make sure you post a picture once you paint it. The color idea you have sounds perfect!

Janna said...

I study all of the Aunt Patty shelves, benches, cupboards and try to figure out a way I could duplicate it (for maybe a 1/4 of the price . . .). ;o) I think it would require a sizable investment in woodworking tools. I wish I could live there. ;o)