Sunday, December 28, 2008

December Miscellany

As December wraps up I have a few odd and end pictures to share--just little glimpses into the Cooley household during the month of December. Enjoy! ;o) "Reindeer Rides"
Poor Marissa was the unfortunate reindeer, Isabella did push from behind, but I caught her hitching a ride on the back a few times too. Around and around they went while both the boys proclaimed "Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas!"
"Candy Cane Milk"
This is good stuff--trust me.

"Felt Gingerbread Houses"
Instead of baking gingerbread we cut the tops off of cardboard milk cartons, covered them in felt and decorated with felt cut-outs, pom-poms, and sequins. I was amused at Marissa and her need for symmetry and Isabella's more "free-spirited" approach--a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Idea courtesy of my Family Fun magazine.
This handsome little man in his "suit"

"Rolled Butter Cookies"
These are a tradition in our home each Christmas. However I was really dragging my feet on decorating them. Usually I make a huge batch of butter cream frosting, divvy it up into bowls, tint it with food coloring gel and then the girls and I spend several hours decorating. I kept putting it off. Finally I gave the girls the left-over frosting from the cake and all the sprinkles I owned and said "Go at it." I think that is how we will do it from now on. It was much simpler and the girls enjoyed it more. I can easily see the boys getting in on this next year too.
As I review our month I think next year we need more time off from school. Last year I had managed our schedule to take nearly the whole month of December off. With how busy the month always gets--extra orchestra rehearsals, extra crafts to do with the kids, someone (or 4!!!) getting sick, etc.--I just want more time to enjoy everything around me and not be rushing around or cancelling an activity or craft because I do not have the time. So that's my mental note to self--longer Christmas break next year. Which is one of the joys of homeschooling--I can do just that.;o)

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