Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Corners

My primitive styled stockings--I had seen something like it at Au.nt Patty's At.tic a few years back and tried to recreate it for myself. Josh/my stockings match and then the kids alternate, green/red on top in a variety of "homespun" fabrics. Each name is stitched on using a backstitch. And since we lack a fireplace my shutter screen makes a good backdrop for the line-up.

The cabinets in the kitchen--when we got our tree there were extra branches to saw off at the bottom to give me enough greenery to go around the tops of all the cabinets. It really helped fill out the grapevine and red berry garland.

Just some randomness, more fir tree greenery in the container, a feather tree with rusty gingerbread men, and a candle.

Another new design of mine--I had made a wool appliqued sign for fall and wanted another one to put in the same spot for winter. Now, what to do for spring . . .?

Our Christmas tree this year--we found a beautiful frazier fir at Me.nard's. We had planned on doing the whole tree farm thing, but the tree farm we went to had only pitiful looking scotch pine's--and for more than we paid for this one. So Me.nard's it was. The red berry garland and grapevine balls are something new I am trying (and loving) this year. I love the homespun/nature look. I do need more garland, but I think I'm done for this year (I'll be watching those after X-mas sales at . . .)
I still have a few things I'm hoping to make this year, my current project is a wood sign I'm painting proclaiming "Comfort & Joy". I'm hoping to get around to making some more "grungy" candy canes, but time does have a way of getting away from me. ;o) And, here's a confession . . . I'm not done shopping for gifts and I have not wrapped ONE SINGLE THING. Well, the whole wrapping thing I really am not worried about. When there are lots of birthday-obsessed children in your home it really is quite futile to put anything under your tree until the very second you hope to have it opened. So I'm in no rush. ;o)

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