Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Life

I got Isabella all set up (finally!!!) for speech today. We'll be meeting once a week on Thursday's at 2 pm. I am a bit concerned as this time falls in the middle of the boys' nap, but perhaps I can lay them down early on that day. She has improved so much over the last year, and hopefully by the end of this school year she will no longer be in need of extra coaching. And then, I have a feeling, we will begin the process all over again with Jackson. We'll see.

Isabella got to join a church friend and her grandma at the indoor playground here in Lincoln today. She came home gushing. ;o) And in the meantime Marissa and I had some time to ourselves. In a household of four active children one-on-one time with Mommy doesn't happen quite so often. So we drank some chai, she painted a Christmas picture on some wood, and then worked on a little sewing project. And we finished up with perusing the internet together for more crafty ideas of things we can make for Christmas. Good times. I'm constantly aware of how fast the time is flying. Sweet Marissa, already seven--can puberty really be only three years away?!? That is oh so scary. ;o)

We rounded out the day with spaghetti for supper, followed (of course!) by baths. Friday nights tend to be spaghetti night around here. And Josh is home tonight after a long work week, which is always special for each one of us.

Life is good.

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