Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Corners in My Home

So I thought I would share a little bit of some of my favorite spots in my home right now. We're currently renting a townhome, and while we are allowed to paint, that's just not a road I want to head down while we are here. Whatever we would paint would have to be returned to the original color (off-white) before we moved on. That just seems like too much extra work. But I am someone who loves deep, rich colors on the walls. I am missing that. But I am determined to bring as much color as I can in with my accessories. So here's what I rummaged up out of my storage totes . . .

A primitive styled valance I made for the kitchen--I'm hoping to make some more for the dining room area.
Something new this year, a bulletin board. For now it is just housing my calendar, but I'm hoping to use this as the resting place for art projects, invitations, and paper miscellany--instead of the fridge.

These are some shutters I found at a garage sale awhile back. I hinged them together to make a free-standing screen and then spraypainted them. I like to decorate it seasonally. For fall it has some grapevine garland and and orange berry vine wired to the top.
Well, this I didn't rummage, the candle was a birthday gift and the mat is a "work-in-progress" that still needs some embroidering.
Some ceramic pumpkins and faux bittersweet vine on the kitchen counter
A tumble of grapevine and leaf garlands, mixed in with some clay pots and a bee skep on top of my cabinets.
So, that is just a brief picture tour of some of the spots I am loving right now. But already my mind is a-turning and making plans to dismantle and set up for Christmas/winter. I am so thankful for seasons changes--how boring life would be if everything was the same day after day after day!

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