Thursday, September 18, 2008

An update on my plans . . .

Uh, yah, so the morning went off pretty much without a hitch, until the idyllic picnic.
Problem #1 Marissa decided to not wear any shoes, for some reason beyond me; #2 Apparently all the kids have no interest in egg salad sandwiches (thank goodness for doritos and juice boxes; and #3 I LOST MY CELL PHONE!!!! That would be the only-phone-I-have-and-my-only-communication-with-the-world cell phone. AHHHHHH! Somewhere in the midst of tall going-to-seed prairie grasses sits my phone. I attempted to retrace our steps, but really, we covered a lot of ground today. It's gone. I am so irritated with myself. Why didn't I leave it in the van? Why did I need a phone on a nature walk anyway? And really, why did I even attempt a picnic with 4 kids? I should have stayed home.

But enough whining, such is life. Or at least, such is MY life. ;o)

UPDATE--The phone is found! My dad took his cell phone and my girls and they called it repeatedly until Isabella heard it ringing. Hooray! So, um, maybe it wasn't such a terrible day afterall . . .*sheepish grin*

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