Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Moving again . . .

Two weeks from now I will once again be setting up home in a new place. Oh, what a crazy year this has been. Not even a year has passed since the last move! But crazy as it is, moving is also exciting for me. I enjoy going through things and attempting to whittle down our possessions. Moving is always a good impetus to cut the clutter--something that continually accumulates on a daily basis. But even more fun than all of the throwing away I'll be doing is the chance to decorate a new place. I love the opportunity to create another warm and welcoming place for my family. There is something delightful about boxing up your treasures, "unwrapping" them in a new home, and then searching for just the spot to display it. My mind is aburst with new ideas (armed of course with inspiration from the latest Pottery Barn . . .). And also full of new resolutions . . . I am going to implement a routine (and actually do said routine), things are going to be cleaner . . . I am motivated and inspired. Of course there is much I am not looking forward to, but overall a fresh start, a new place to wipe the slate clean and start again, is always welcome, and always exciting.

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