Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday August Daniel!

To my sweet little boy on your first birthday:
I remember when I was a first-time mama, and my very first baby turned one.
I was a puddle of weepiness. I stood over her crib watching her sleep as the clock turn 10:13--the exact moment she had entered this world--and I sobbed at how fast a year had gone and at how much I loved that wee little person.
It is a bit different the sixth time around.
I have learned that this quick passage of time is a fact of life.
Six "first years" have slipped my grasp. Each one as vaporous as the next.
I have learned not so much to mourn it but just be thankful for it.
And while maybe I should be thinking that this is it, my-most-definitely-last-baby, no more baby-hoods.  I can't.
Because you were the surprise.
The water brimming and spilling over the edges of a full cup.
The cherry on the top of the tasty sundae.
The sprinkles on the cake.
The extra. 
The bonus.
You have brought us 
I read somewhere recently that so often in life we find a death in a family is followed by a birth, the joy that follows the mourning. 
You have been that for my heart.
The Neosporin for the hurting spots.
God knew we needed you and when we needed you.
My life is so much better because you are here.
Daily your brothers and sisters will say, "I cannot imagine if we didn't have August."
And I can't either.
What a gift you have been to us.

We love you August Daniel and thank God He gave you to us.
Happy first sweet boy.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 3-9

One of my favorite spring things: RHUBARB!
May 4 . . . ?
August snuggles are the best. ;o)
Cubbies award night--always cuteness overload.  And to think Owen almost ended up being my last Cubbies go-round!  I still get to do it again!
This was what my parents' rain gauge said this Thursday morning.  Yep--almost 11 inches of rain fell overnight.  We ended up doing an impromptu sleep-over at my in-law's in Lincoln following church activities just because we didn't know what the weather was going to do.  When we left the next morning we saw a car floating down by the Highway 77.  It was crazy! My dad is still awaiting replanting (writing this 9 days after the fact . . .).

I found a puzzle in the back of a closet and it lured everyone in.  Josh spent several hours helping them finish it. He hid the last piece so he could put it in (the audacity!).
Josh's mowing help.  Later I looked out and saw three boys hitching a ride!

April 26-May 2

The first official mow of the season.
Emmett climbed a lilac bush and an apple tree to get me this sweet bouquet.
He definitely has his sweet moments. ;o)
Admiring the view and the evening glow to the west.
April 29 . . ?
April 30 . .?
Random shot of children on the chicken coop.
Kitty admiring a little planter I put together that afternoon.
Grow flowers grow!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 19-25

 A happy 36th birthday to Josh--he is sporting his birthday gift.  He loves all the funny science shirts I find for him. ;o)
 Apple blossoms.
My Emmett boy loves to bring me flowers.  I don't mind a bit.
Lilacs! Howe I adore them!
(And did you know my favorite cleaning brand Mrs. Meyers has a lilac scent this spring? It isn't too shabby--I got mine at Target).
 Because when you give a baby a cape you have to help him fly.
Finding Waldo is serious business.
Owen was waiting for us to head out--we went to Lincoln to hear the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra with a 500 voice choir rehearse Beethoven's 9th for their concert on Sunday.  I didn't know that sometimes they open up their rehearsals for free. The older five kids and I got to hear a most spectacular "Ode to Joy." 

April 12-18

 This little boy loves to be outside.  He will even kick and flail and generally express his distress at being brought back in.
 "We were seeing how long we could hold our heads in a bucket of cold water."
Yes, boys, that is my idea of fun too.
 Nothing overly creative to say about this picture . . . I just was looking for something to photograph, and there he was. ;o)
Can you believe his first birthday is quickly approaching?
August is up to six teeth.
He can go up AND down the stairs. 
He added "Ball" and "Hi" to his vocabulary. It is especially adorable when he greets us with a "Hi!"
He stands for short periods of time and takes a few steps here and there, but overall prefers crawling because is is so much faster. 
And Marissa's spring recital with her new teacher.  It has kind of been an "upheaval year" for her--her third teacher in a year's time!  She continues to work hard and I love to hear the music that she makes.

April 5-April 11

 A quick little Easter picture of the kids. (Emmett was supposed to wear a button-down and tie as well, but apparently has a huge hatred of button-downs that I learned about that morning--it was not a hill to die on . . .). ;o)
 Misty spring morning.
(picture freebie . . . I was short on photos this week . . .)
I got a chuckle when I looked out the window and saw all the kitties.
 Sebastian brought in by Josh again for some extra love.  August is enthralled.
 Crazy freak afternoon snow storm that was pretty much melted by evening!
Jackson's group cello recital.  This was a nice low-key event since all pieces were played in a group setting.  I am happy to see how Jackson has grown over this last school year of lessons.
Josh introduced Marissa to the joy that is Soduku (?). ;o) She completed her first one.  Which she says was much more satisfying than the crossword puzzles (she has never completed one of those).

March 29-April 4

We watched "Cars" (it had been awhile).  Owen was inspired to pull out all of our "Cars" vehicles and re-enact movie scenes.  In fact he packed a backpack to take them all to Lincoln with him on this Sunday.
 First true spring signs!
Baby fresh out of the bath, trying to see what he can take from Daddy's school bag.
 Silly, sweet, imaginative Owen. ;o)
 Giving the kitties their love.
 The unfurling of the leaves!
We had a little "Easter Eve" gathering at my parents.  We ate, we hunted for eggs, we giggled at the babies.  (One more set to arrive on May 1st!).