Monday, October 20, 2014

October 12-18

 Introducing August to the delight that is October.
 Giggly nakey baby. *Love*
 And another little boy out in the leaves.
 Wednesday we drove down to my parents' house for combine rides--it was corn picking time!
We rode two by two, girls first, then big boys, then Owen and Mommy.  August didn't make it out to the combine this year but hung out with Granny. ;o) What a beautiful day!!
 My birthday gift from Josh arrived in the mail . . . a wool blanket in the "antique Buchanan" weave.  Sometimes I get these ideas, and Josh is all "Why do you want a wool blanket?" And I am all, "Just think how beautiful it will look in the fall with pumpkins!" So when it arrived I had to show him my vision realized. Does it not just say "AUTUMN!!!" Most beautiful (okay, a tad bit itchy . . .) blanket ever! ;o)
 And my little guy--he turned 5 months (and we all know that means next month he is half a year . . . crazy!!).
At five months August is:
"ma-ma-ma" ing, and a few "ba's"
blowing me some raspberries
finding his toes (and other nether parts . . . *ahem*)
loving the book "Moo, Ba, La La La" by Sandra Boynton
Pushing up with his arms a bit
Sorta/kinda "Tri-podding" (under supervision)
(And yes, I realize you may not really be interested in my baby's milestones, but if I don't make note of them I will NEVER remember . . . when I go back to journal in baby albums/photo albums I always check my blog for the details!). ;o)
My mom-in-law cooked me up a birthday feast and set a gorgeous fall table Saturday evening.
Fried chicken! Hot Cider! Peach Cobbler! (and so much more!)
I definitely needed my comfy pajama pants after that meal! ;o)

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Once upon a time a baby girl entered my life and I absolutely adored her.
She was this tiny little sunbeam, always smiling and happy.
And talking (she talked a lot!!).
The years have slipped by, one by one by one.
Today she is thirteen.
Parenting her this far has been my utter joy and privilege.
She is still a sunbeam.
Happy, Helpful. Diligent. Determined. Whistling-while-she-works.
And I know I am her mom and all, but I find her pretty amazing.

Marissa Grace, my heart is kind of bursting today as I think about the little girl you once were and the young lady you are now.  You have been by my side these last 13 years and I have gotten to pour as much as I can into your thirsty little head.  I love the conversations I have with you. I love your heart for Jesus.  I love the evidence I see that you are THINKING. I love your unabashed desire to walk different from the crowd. I pray that you keep growing in these ways. Not only are you fun to have around for a daughter but I find you fun to have around for a friend! I praise God that He entrusted us with you to raise--you are a blessing!! I hope this 13th birthday is so special for you . . . you have always been and always will be MY most favorite birthday present ever.
My sweet girl SHINE ON!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 5-11

 Pumpkin picking day at my mom-in-law's . . . this is just a small sampling of what she grew this year!  Her patch is always full of all sorts of fun things.
 Owen's new jammies for this fall "Sneaky Cute" (love that!).  He is "borrowing" Jackson's robe. ;o)
 August is not exactly a big guy . . . height in the 5%, weight in the 15% . . . pretty normal for one of my babies.  But his head was in the 75%. ;o)  He does have some delightfully squooshy cheeks for me to plaster with kisses.
 Glorious October.
 Marissa, a lap full of cats, a baby, and some pumpkins--happy stuff.
 My two most favorites girls in the history of ever.
And Owen, playing some catch with his daddy last Saturday.  I was admiring the "step-throw." I knew absolutely nothing about baseball prior to marriage. Dare I admit to kind of liking it a bit now?

Friday, October 10, 2014

For the Lego Enthusiast

Just popping in with a book you need to know about if you have a Lego lover in your house--Christmas is coming after all! ;o) Jackson got this for his birthday and he and Isabella just love it.  Unlike other Lego books that have pictures of cool things made with Legos (but really don't give you any instructions as to how to make them) this book is set up like the Lego manuals that come with kits. It lists the pieces you need and goes step by step on how to build these cool houses and buildings.  Also, there are details in outfitting the houses on the inside.  My kids have a great little street of houses going on in the basement--they are super cute!  We have quite the collection of Legos at this point and the kits that draw their attention now are so expensive. It has been nice to repurpose what we already own into new creations. This book has already provided hours and hours of fun. Now to get another windows/doors set . . . ;o)

Monday, October 6, 2014

September 28-October 4

 Caught an amazing sunrise Sunday morning!'
Owen wanted to grow watermelon this year.  We tried last year and it didn't go so well, but we did get one decent sized melon this year. I would like to tell you it was delicious, but Owen dropped it on the floor the next day (he was understandably quite proud of HIS melon and kept having to tote it around).  It shattered. I tried a bit . . . not overly flavorful and quite seedy . . . the chickens enjoyed it . . .
August is really a happy little fellow.  He spends most of his naps in the swing in the center of all the action.  A lot of the time he wakes up and is quite content to just wait.  I get a giggle when I see those big eyes peering at me and oh how excited he gets--he knows his mama is going to scoop him up and squeeze him because, really, how could I not? ;o)
 My biggest and littlest.
 Just 'cause it's October and all and I love it.
 Six of some of my most favorite little faces. ;o)
Plump little baby toes.  
They peek out of his blanky while he naps (in his swing of course).  I actually had to stop the swing for a picture because I know there is just this short little season of tiny feet and I will blink and it will have slipped my grasp again--for good.
What a joy this little boy is!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 21-27

 Remembering just how much I love this time of year.
Kitty mommy.
The litter of six that joined us in August has been not looking so good--mattery eyes, worn out, etc.  Our neighbor (who we rent this house from) is what Josh would call a "grown-up Bella" and as she had recently nursed some kittens back to health I told Bella to ask her for some advice.  Not only did she tell her what to do but gave her a whole bucket of supplies to use!  I cannot tell you how much Isabella enjoyed bottle feeding kittens.  And they are all back to their spunky little selves now.
 Ushering in fall with apple cider donuts for snack! I finally got myself a donut "cookie cutter" which is quite handy.  These two little guys were my willing assistants.
Just a hint of color touching the tops of trees!
(And also, more importantly, my newest little niece arrived shortly after noon~Aubri Elynor~those pictures however, are still on my phone . . .).
 Glanced out the window to find this scene on the front step.
It was homecoming week.  And after Josh showed up to school in a variety of costumes I believe he won over the hearts of the students and they voted him the "Faculty King."  He got a cool hat and got to ride in the parade. ;o)
And Saturday . . . you would think, with Jackson's first "cello party" (a sort of informal recital) and visiting my parents I would have gotten my camera out for a picture at some point, but I did not.  Most times my arms are full of baby . . . But Jackson did a great job playing in front of people for the first time!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 14-20

 A quick shot of what the van looks like when we travel together. We are filled to the gills!!
 Just enjoying the beautiful weather.  August really likes to go outside. Sometimes we just walk around with him, sometimes we push him around with a stroller. We all need fresh air and sunshine. ;o)
 The most coveted spot in the whole house is the front window in the living room where I stuck a small table and my two wing backs.  Everyone wants to sit here! They eat breakfast or read or peruse Lego books or bring their Lego creations . . . it seems everything would happen at this small little space if it could!
August turns four months old!
At four months he can giggle when he is tickled or when Mommy makes silly sounds and faces.
He can almost roll from back to tummy.  It is kind of funny--he turns his whole body to the side and then plants his face in the carpet but can't quite seem to get the rest of him to follow what his face is doing.  He then gets rather mad. He hasn't been sleeping quite as good lately, during the day or the early morning hours, but he is still just as jovial as can be.  He doesn't really cry when he wakes up but just "jabbers" to himself.  When he gets overly tired he kind of hums/grunts in a grumpy kind of way while nursing. He has filled out quite nicely--I don't think he will be a big guy but he is plump in all the right places (closing in on 14 lbs according to the home scale).  August seems to really like people--and attention--which is a good thing when you are the youngest of six! ;o)

 August helps the boys decide what Lego kits they need.
 We picked ourselves a basket full of apples from the tree in the backyard.  Applesauce making here we come!
Since moving we have been "tv free" again--meaning we don't have an antennae and we have not subscribed to satellite (we still rent or check out movies).  The kids were all getting ready for bed but I found Jackson and his daddy huddled around the laptop watching the Cardinals play. ;o) That would be the one thing that gets missed on regular tv this time of year.