Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 16-22

 Our normal Sunday trek into Lincoln was waylaid by snowy packed roads and we ended up spending the day at home.  For Josh and I it meant some extra time to putter about the house and get some things done, for the kids it meant and afternoon of sledding until quite literally, the sun sank in the horizon.
 Sweet boy turns half a year.
Latest tricks:
Sitting pretty decent (still like to supervise this or put a boppy around him)
Rolling everywhere, eating paper . . .
Assuming "crawling position"
Rocking on his hands and knees, hopping his back legs like a little bunny and falling on his face
Trying to steal everyone's food
(So I finally gave him some rice cereal and he gobbled it up like he had been doing it for years)
It is funny how he went from being a happy and complacent little baby "I MUST GET EVERYWHERE AND EAT EVERYTHING" pretty much over night. I guess babies do that. ;o)
 Oh how the freckles pop after some time outside with the sun reflecting off the snow! ;o)
(and yes, Christmas is starting to show up a bit in the background)
No pictures for the 19th . . . I guess I was busy? ;o)
Assuming position--he has the form! Now for coordination.
We ran out of snow, so Jackson filled in. ;o)
What my weekend was dedicated to--the acquiring of butter.
(I am now sitting at 26 lbs . . . although Josh gave me permission for 30 . . .) ;o)

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 9-15

Because, what is fall without the obligatory boots in the leaves pics? ;o)
I made the mistake of bringing all five Percy Jackson's home from the library.  Marissa was of no use the whole week . . .
First snow of the season much to the delight of the kids.  Jackson was out sledding before I had managed to eat my breakfast.  I had to keep calling children back in to get school work done (and really, it wasn't like there was THAT much snow!).
Late Wednesday evening snuggle session with Daddy.  We don't get home until just after 10:00 on these nights. They are rough (on me in particular!). I always breathe a humongous sigh of relief to have another Wednesday behind me.
August became a little roly-poly this week.  We would leave him one place only to find him at another location.  I wasn't quite ready for that (doesn't he know he is supposed to stay a little lap baby??).  He even had the audacity to wrinkle and drool all over a scrapbook I had left open in the far corner of the living room!!  I guess baby-proofing is next on my agenda.
And more snow, off and on all day Saturday.  The kids spent the morning cutting wood with Josh (we have a wood burning furnace here!) and the afternoon sledding.  They slept well that night!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 2-8

 This is your bonus picture for the week because seriously, could he not be any more adorable?? ;o)
I just want to squeeze him all the day long!
 Here is the leafy pile that they raked up at Grandpa and Grandma's. Jackson wouldn't bury himself like the others because a) he did not want to squoosh the pile down and b) he was really enjoying the raking process and didn't want to stop. 
 Emmett spent most of his free time Monday and a good portion of Tuesday working on THE HARDEST MAZE EVER.  On Tuesday he made copies and distributed them among the family members.  Everybody claimed it un-navigable. Emmett is notorious for hiding "hammers" that you need to break down walls.  I am not quite sure how all of that works.  I think the hammers might be invisible and you need to intuitively know where to use them?  Regardless, I was impressed with how hard he worked on this self-assigned project.
 August and I hanging out in black and white because I am not sure I showered this day. I KNOW I had not done any make up, and well, at this stage of the game I think black and white might be more flattering on my unshowered and make-up-less self.  Just saying.
 You guys. The sunrises!!! So amazing!!
 Jackson and a cat that is named after one of the characters in the Hobbit movie.  Filli? Killi? We have two orange cats. Those are their names.  I cannot tell them apart.
 Reading time. 
August has discovered the joy that is crumpling and chewing on paper.  He is not happy to sit while you read and he tries to steal your books.  We give him his own.
Silly boys. I love them so!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Party of Eight

Back on the birthday that was the 35th, a few days prior to the haircut that launched me into old lady-dom (according to a certain eldest . . . not that I am holding grudges . . .) I had my sweet friend Anna (which, if you you know her you would agree that "sweet" is almost always the adjective that accompanies her name!!) stop by my in-law's to get a decent family picture of the whole lot of us.  In the end it proved a quick and painless event, much to the shock of a certain husband, and I finally have some beautiful fall-filled shots to celebrate us "now." Thanks so much Anna!!

Life is oh so busy, but oh so very good.

Monday, November 3, 2014

October 26-November 1

 These chickens just crack me up.  This breed (whatever it is?) is my favorite because they look like "fashion chickens." The feathers go all the way down to their feet, making them look like they have these fluffy fringed boots on. 
Sebastian was off on another adventure for a whole month (!!) and we thought he was gone for sure. But once again he came back and the last few weeks has been sticking closer to home (perhaps he has had his fill of tom-foolery?). ;o)  He is such a lover of a cat and so very tolerant of being manhandled.  Josh keeps talking about ridding him of his "wandering urges" in hopes of that he will turn into a big fat lazy cat--we are just trying to decide if that is something worth doing for an outdoor cat.  He is most definitely the favorite.
Oh this white birch tree on the east side of our house!
 And the red oak in the back!
October is going out in a blaze of glory!
 A frost finally got to the pumpkin vines and we picked the last of our pumpkins.  I have been watching this guy to see what he would do.  I had Owen lay next to it for a size reference and of course Sebastian thought he would insert himself in the picture too!
Some years we dress up for Halloween, some years we don't. Some years we trick-or-treat, some years we don't. I have a very lackadaisical approach to this holiday.  I was, however, given a pumpkin costume in some baby hand-me-downs and of course I could not resist dressing my baby up like the sweet pumpkin that he is.  When I laid him down for a picture Owen arranged all these little pumpkins around him--it kind of looks like August is juggling!  We had ourselves a little "harvest party"  (my dad officially finished up his own actual harvest this day!) and had both sets of grandparents out for soup and cider and and other stuff. ;o) We even decorated some cookies--cut out ones mind you (go me!). ;o)
This sight just kind of makes me giggle.  The chickens have been free-ranging for the last few weeks as our landlord ran out of feed and was waiting to get the corn crop in. While I may have grown up a farm girl we never had chickens and they are interesting little creatures. I just had to snap a picture of the view out my front door.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 19-25

 Birthday girls!
35 . . . and 13 . . . that went fast . . .
 And extending the birthday celebrating one more day--Marissa requested homemade pizza and an "almond joy" cheesecake.  I am pretty much game for anything that involves cheesecake . . .
 A 5 month August posing with a 6 month Jackson. I see a family resemblance . . . ;o)
 Haircut day.
So, over the last few years I have been really bad about scheduling haircuts for myself (like it was nearing two years) and during that time my hair GREW to the point of pretty much being down to my waist--almost the length it was in high school! And it was lovely when I had time to do it (which was kind of never . . . except on Sunday . . . and then the sheer amount of it stressed me out . . .).  And also, I lose SO MUCH HAIR after I have had a baby, probably a combination of being post-partum combined with a crazy thyroid.  So, I was kind of sad to cut it, but I knew it needed to happen.  I have a nice 15 inch pony-tail to send off to Locks of Love and I got to hear from my children how weird and strange I look (and have Marissa tell me she mistook me for an old lady in the church bathroom).
So yeah, everybody wins! ;o)
 An Owen and August brother moment.
 The sunrises have been AMAZING lately!
Quiet moment on a Saturday evening, all my "Bigs" reading. (And how weird that a day has come when I count Jackson with the "Bigs").

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 12-18

 Introducing August to the delight that is October.
 Giggly nakey baby. *Love*
 And another little boy out in the leaves.
 Wednesday we drove down to my parents' house for combine rides--it was corn picking time!
We rode two by two, girls first, then big boys, then Owen and Mommy.  August didn't make it out to the combine this year but hung out with Granny. ;o) What a beautiful day!!
 My birthday gift from Josh arrived in the mail . . . a wool blanket in the "antique Buchanan" weave.  Sometimes I get these ideas, and Josh is all "Why do you want a wool blanket?" And I am all, "Just think how beautiful it will look in the fall with pumpkins!" So when it arrived I had to show him my vision realized. Does it not just say "AUTUMN!!!" Most beautiful (okay, a tad bit itchy . . .) blanket ever! ;o)
 And my little guy--he turned 5 months (and we all know that means next month he is half a year . . . crazy!!).
At five months August is:
"ma-ma-ma" ing, and a few "ba's"
blowing me some raspberries
finding his toes (and other nether parts . . . *ahem*)
loving the book "Moo, Ba, La La La" by Sandra Boynton
Pushing up with his arms a bit
Sorta/kinda "Tri-podding" (under supervision)
(And yes, I realize you may not really be interested in my baby's milestones, but if I don't make note of them I will NEVER remember . . . when I go back to journal in baby albums/photo albums I always check my blog for the details!). ;o)
My mom-in-law cooked me up a birthday feast and set a gorgeous fall table Saturday evening.
Fried chicken! Hot Cider! Peach Cobbler! (and so much more!)
I definitely needed my comfy pajama pants after that meal! ;o)